I'll make it simple...

Follow my two "Mad Scientist Training Protocols" below and I GUARANTEE you will build 8 to 10 SOLID POUNDS of muscle in the next 60 days...

You're going to get some great info here so let's get started...

First off, my name is Nick Nilsson and I'm known as the "Mad Scientist of Muscle." And my methods, while extremely creative and often borderline insane (I admit it), are all based on underlying principles of PHYSIOLOGICAL SCIENCE.

My background is Physical Education...I have degree in it covering advanced biomechanics, phyisology, anatomy and kinesiology. I've been training and coaching for 20+ years, have three published books and I've been featured in some of the top magazines in the world.

And yeah, it's one thing to be crazy in the gym...there are plenty of people who do crazy things in the gym (we've all seen the YouTube "fail" compilations). It's another thing altogether to have that "crazy" be based on rock-solid scientific training principles and be extraordinarily effective to boot.

This is the kind of stuff I LOVE and the kind of stuff I LIVE for...

And if you want serious muscle and strength...well, that's where I come in...

Because if you have a tough time gaining muscle, I know EXACTLY where you're coming from...

Before I started weight training, I was a high-level endurance athlete...145 lbs soaking wet. I could do triathlons without even training for them...(here are a couple of pictures of me below...skinny as hell, as you can see).

But I wanted MUSCLE...

And after years of training (and plenty of failures), once I figured out and started using the principles of REAL science and research to build and maximize my muscle mass...well...I carry a bit more meat on my bones now...

So How Did I Build Myself Up
Like This? I'll Tell You...

And I have to say, once you know the science behind
how I did it, you'll see it's not NEARLY as hard as
you might think it is to gain muscle.

Not even close.

Overtraining is NOT evil...just misunderstood...

During my early muscle-building research, I came to learn the concept of "controlled overtraining" from Leo Costa of "Bulgarian Burst" fame. If you've been around awhile, this may be familiar to you.

If this idea is NEW to you, strap yourself in...you're going to be learning one of THE single most important proven approaches to building muscle.

"Controlled Overtraining"...it's essentially the strategic manipulation of training volume, rest periods and rep ranges to accelerate your body's adaptive muscle-building processes.

Overtraining is what happens to your body when it gets faced with a workload it's not accustomed to and can't fully adapt to it fast enough. It means "too much training."

Now here's the thing...

If you stay FAR AWAY from overtraining, you'll NEVER know the kind of muscle growth your body is TRULY capable of.

If you're actively trying NOT to overtrain, I can PROMISE you that you are cheating yourself out of POUNDS of muscle mass that you could be carrying around right now. It's time to switch your thinking and EMBRACE overtraining.

You have to TAKE CONTROL of overtraining and use it to your advantage if you want to get maximum results in the gym.


I'm going to tell you why most programs FAIL and leave you SMALLER, WEAKER and DEPRESSED, desperately scratching for ounces of hard-earned muscle...

And Guess What...

It's NOT Your Fault.

There are two distinct types of overtraining...chronic and acute.

Chronic overtraining is the "bad" overtraining.

It's long-term overload on your body that it's never able to fully recover from. This is the overtraining you want to avoid as it'll grind your body into the ground and basically kill your muscle growth potential.

Acute overtraining is the "good" overtraining.

This is short-term overload (also known as overreaching) that pushes your body beyond where it was before. THIS is the type of overtraining that we want to take advantage of and it's the type that's absolutely necessary if you want to build some serious muscle.

With "steady-state" training programs that don't take your body's physiological response to workload into account, you'll get either of two outcomes, neither of which will build substantial muscle mass on you in the long run.

In the graph below, you'll see two lines...the top graph line is "Too Much Volume/Intensity." The bottom graph line is "Not Enough Volume/Intensity." Both types of "steady-state" training programs spend some time in the optimal training zone and both will get you results...

...for a little while...

In the top line, the problem happens when the program DOESN'T PULL BACK
. You hit overtraining and your body stops growing because it can't keep up. The usual response I see? Add even more volume and/or intensity to try and "shock" the muscles. This can result in chronic overtraining and cause you to hit a MAJOR plateau in your training that could take you MONTHS to recover from.

In the bottom line, the problem happens when your body adapts to the program and you DON'T INCREASE training workload to compensate...i.e. you keep doing what you're doing. This is chronic UNDER-training and it'll grind your results to a halt, too (though this is easier to recover from).

These are the two categories that most programs fall into.

Now here's my protocol for using "Controlled
Overtraining" to practically FORCE
muscle onto your body...

We're going to completely remove the BAD parts of those two styles of training programs, take the GOOD parts of those types of programs and combine them into ONE program that takes full advantage of your body's predictable physiological reactions to them. By doing so, we keep your body off-balance and force muscle growth.

Step 1 - Accumulation

Start by gradually increasing your workload, increasing your training volume (the number of sets you do for each bodypart) and decreasing rest periods between sets. You'll be doing more and more work in less and less time.

This is the "ramp up" period (also known in the sports training world as "Accumulation"), with the training volume building up and demanding more and more of your body than it's able to fully recover from over a fairly short period of time.

Your body reacts to this increase by speeding up and maximizing the efficiency of it's repair and recovery processes. This volume-based training phase is generally where you'll see the greatest results in terms of muscle growth.

Over the course of 3 weeks, it might look like this (this is a sample 4-day split, training Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday).


Rest period - 120 seconds between sets



13-15 reps 13-15 reps 10-12 reps 8-10 reps
(3) Back (3) Thighs (3) Back (3) Chest
(3) Chest (3) Shoulders (3) Chest (3) Thighs
(3) Biceps (3) Triceps (3) Thighs (3) Back
(3) Calves (2) Abs (1) Shoulders (1) Shoulders
    (1) Calves (1) Calves
    (1) Biceps (1) Triceps
    (1) Triceps (1) Biceps


Rest period - 90 seconds between sets. Note how we have decreased the rest time in between sets and increased the number of sets by one. This is the beginning of the increased demand on the body.



13-15 reps 13-15 reps 10-12 reps 8-10 reps
(4) Back (4) Thighs (4) Back (4) Chest
(4) Chest (4) Shoulders (4) Chest (4) Thighs
(4) Biceps (4) Triceps (4) Thighs (4) Back
(4) Calves (3) Abs (1) Shoulders (1) Shoulders
    (1) Calves (1) Calves
    (1) Biceps (1) Triceps
    (1) Triceps (1) Biceps


Rest period - 60 seconds between sets. This week will be the toughest week. We have increased the number of sets and decreased the rest time again. Towards the end of the week you should be getting into the overtraining zone.



13-15 reps 13-15 reps 10-12 reps 8-10 reps
(5) Back (5) Thighs (5) Back (5) Chest
(5) Chest (5) Shoulders (5) Chest (5) Thighs
(5) Biceps (5) Triceps (5) Thighs (5) Back
(5) Calves (4) Abs (1) Shoulders (1) Shoulders
    (1) Calves (1) Calves
    (1) Biceps (1) Triceps
    (1) Triceps (1) Biceps


Step 2 - Intensification

When you reach the point where your body can't keep up, that's when you hit "overtraining." This is normally considered a bad thing, but to us, it's a very GOOD thing...it's what we're actually TRYING to do.

That's our signal to ease up and dramatically REDUCE the training volume, doing fewer sets of fewer reps, with heavier weight and more rest between sets...you're doing less work in more time.

This is the "back off" part of things (also known in the sports training world as "Intensification") and it's where the REAL strength gains happen. It's where your entire recovery system, forced into metabolic overdrive, suddenly has only a FRACTION of the training stress to deal with.

The strength gains you'll see during this phase are almost MAGICAL and it works every time.

WEEKS 4, 5, 6 and beyond

Rest period - 180 seconds between sets. Note the decrease in rep range, the decrease in the number of sets you are doing, and the increase in rest time. This is the "easy" phase where your body plays catch-up with recovery. Don't back off on effort, however. You still want to be pushing each set HARD.

Keep on this phase until your results start to slow down then ramp up again with weeks 1, 2, and 3. This training strategy delivers consistent results, taking advantage of your body's natural physiological response to increased demand.



10-12 reps 10-12 reps 8-10 reps 5-7 reps
(3) Back (3) Thighs (3) Back (3) Chest
(3) Chest (3) Shoulders (3) Chest (3) Thighs
(3) Biceps (3) Triceps

(3) Thighs

(3) Back
(3) Calves (2) Abs (1) Shoulders (1) Shoulders
    (2) Calves (2) Calves
    (1) Biceps (1) Triceps
    (1) Triceps (1) Biceps

THAT is the effect we're looking for and THAT is how you're going to use overtraining to force your body to build muscle and strength. It's deadly stuff and your skinny genes don't stand a chance.

Here's what it looks like graphical form...the white area in the in middle is the "optimal" zone for muscle growth. As you can see, you're spending a LOT of time there with this style of training. In fact, you're spending MOST of your time in that zone.

Think of a car going up a hill with the gas pedal down. As you come to the top, you've got the pedal floored but you're not going very fast...you're overtraining the engine, to borrow the term.

Now you go over the top and start heading down the other side. If you keep that pedal floored, you're going to start going VERY fast! Your body/engine is no longer overtrained by the steep grade and it's still pushing just as hard. Your results ACCELERATE just like the car.

THAT is the power of this type of training.

You're going to systematically push your body's gas pedal to the point where you have it floored and aren't really going anywhere, then you're going to pull back on the difficulty and let it ROAR forward. The results you get from this type of overtraining and rebounding can be just HUGE.

Improving your body's underlying physiology (through training) to better support muscle growth...

Honestly, it's the REAL key to demolishing your
poor muscle-building genetics once and for all.

So we've addressed your body as a system with the "controlled overtraining" protocol above...the other big factor we need to address in order to help you blow through your genetic "limits" and build massive muscle is your physiology...which means your your muscle fibers, connective tissue, circulatory system, and nervous system.

These are aspects of your physiology that CAN be CHANGED and dramatically IMPROVED with targeted training...changed so that they can better support muscle growth.

You are NOT stuck with the hand nature dealt you when it comes to building muscle...I'd be still stuck at 145 lbs if that were true.

In fact, your "genetic" limits may not be genetic at all but simply a result of the types of training you've done (or haven't done).


With Protocol #2, you're going to be addressing (through training) four of the biggest "high-impact" physiological aspects of your body that CAN be changed with training.

  • Your "frame" - bones and connective tissue.
  • Your "plumbing" - circulatory system.
  • Your "electrical" - nervous system.
  • Your "walls" - muscle fascia.

If it sounds like you're building a house, you're right on the money. It's the best analogy I've found for what you have to do to really set the stage for massive muscle growth in your body, ESPECIALLY if you have a hard time building muscle.

You're going to be able to build a bigger, better house (i.e. muscle mass) when the walls and beams are thicker and stronger (bones and connective tissue), the plumbing is better (your circulatory system) and your electrical system is more efficient (your nervous system).


Step 1 - Strengthen Your Frame

Connective tissue strength could very easily be what's holding back your strength. To give you an example, I was stuck at a 300 lb bench press literally for YEARS. Then I discovered how to train my connective tissue to strengthen it and eliminate it as a weak link. My bench shot up to 350 lb within just a few months.

To build up your connective tissue strength, you need to lift HEAVY. And that means partial training. Working in a very short range of motion, i.e. lockouts, and loading your body with weights well beyond what you can lift in a full range of motion will directly train and strengthen your connective tissue.

Step 2 - Improve Your Plumbing

Your muscles need blood to grow. Blood supplies oxygen and nutrients and takes away metabolic waste products and carbon dioxide.

I'm sure you have muscles that you have a hard time getting a pump in. Ever notice how those are the hardest ones to grow?

That's because of poor blood supply.

And that's what you can CHANGE with very high-rep training...and I mean VERY high-rep training, in the order of 100 reps per set.

This type of training forces massive amounts of blood into your muscles...and this blood has to go somewhere. As the pressure in the capillaries (the tiniest blood vessels in the body where oxygen and nutrients are exchanged) builds, the red blood cells actually burst through and forge NEW capillary pathways.

This gives you an increase in capillary density, which gives your muscles greater access to nutrients and oxygen. And these changes are extremely beneficial and PERMANENT. Your hard-to-pump, hard-to-grow muscles will no longer be hard-to-pump OR hard-to-grow.


Step 3 - Upgrade Your Electrical System

Next, you've got to "wake up" your nervous system. Your nervous system is where all movement (and all your strength) originates. A more efficient nervous system knows how to activate more muscle fibers more efficiently, which means by training your nervous system correctly, you'll be immediately STRONGER.

"Tension" gets a lot of attention when it comes to building muscle...as it rightly should. Developing tension in the muscle is critical for growth to occur. However, tension is NOT so necessary for building strength and power.

This is where FAST training comes into the picture.

One of the best methods I've worked with for teaching the nervous system to fire efficiently and with power is the "Dynamic Effort" style of training. This is done by moving sub-maximal weight VERY fast...as fast as possible without going completely over to momentum-based training.

How I like to do this is to select a weight I could do for about 15 "normal" reps and crank out at least 20 to 25 reps with it as fast and explosively as possible.

In addition, that heavy lockout partial training with extremely heavy weight is EXCELLENT for activating the nervous system. Moving loads that heavy requires massive motor unit activation, which teaches your body how to really go "all in" when lifting heavy weight, even through a full range of motion.


Step 4 - Expand Your Walls

The final target of our physiological preparation is the muscle fascia. This is the tough sheet of connective tissue that encases your muscles like a pillowcase and keeps them in place on your body.

Fascia is VERY important for it's support function, but it's also very restrictive on muscle growth.

And I'll be up front with you...there is debate over whether or not you can actually stretch the fascia to give the muscles room to grow. Based on my own research and experience, I believe you CAN.

I believe it can be done using stretched-based resistance exercises in a very specific fashion (this was a favorite technique of Arnold to develop his chest).

Using this resistance-based fascial stretching at the proper time in your workout is really the key to making this work, as is using it consistently.

The stretch-focused training provides a MASSIVE trigger for muscle growth, which stretches the fascia consistently over time from the INSIDE rather the just during a single set. It's this long-term pressure which I believe has the potential to stretch the fascia.

So How Do You Put These Two
Protocols Into A Complete
MASS Program?

Lucky for you, I did that already :)

The training program I want to introduce you to right now is called "Mad Scientist Muscle" and it combines BOTH of these two "Mad Scientist" protocols into one KILLER program.

It's the sum-total of the BEST muscle-building strategies I've researched, learned and innovated myself in my 25+ years in the gym, my 20+ years as a personal trainer and coach and my 5 years of university education.

The program utilizes the "controlled overtraining" framework you saw above...and strategically incorporates the "structural training" I covered in the second protocol, which is designed to optimize your physiology and prepare your body for new muscle growth.

You'll use the structural training to set your body up, then you'll ramp up the volume for three weeks, then you'll back off and let the muscle and strength PILE on you.

Then at the end of the cycle, you'll do a planned "deload" where you strategically back off on training, followed up with a test of your max weights so you know EXACTLY how much stronger you've gotten.


In two short months you'll be in a whole
new LEAGUE of mass and strength.

Then you can move directly on to one of the OTHER programs in the book (there are THREE full cycles included) and start the mass attack all over again where you can build on the results of the first round and pile on even MORE muscle and strength.

Sound interesting? Check out what what this program has to offer...


SCIENCE-Based Training

It's a comprehensive, scientifically-based muscle-building STRATEGY that leaves NOTHING to chance. Each and every phase of this program is based on research-inspired, gym-proven training principles designed to build larger, stronger muscles.


ZERO Guesswork

I've planned out EVERY single set, rep, and exercise of EVERY workout of each two-month block of training for you. You'll NEVER have a workout where you don't know EXACTLY what to do. This program is downright "paint-by-numbers" easy to follow and it'll take you through SIX FULL MONTHS of mass training.



You don't have to spend your whole life in the gym to get big and strong. It actually works better when you DON'T. All the training sessions are designed to be completed in less than an hour...rarely longer than 45 minutes...and done just four times a week (only on weekdays, leaving your weekends free).


Minimize Fat Gain

Who wants to get big and get FAT, too? I've included a special dietary "tweak" that will minimize fat gain while you're massing up. This simple trick will keep fat in check AND give your body a quick hormonal growth shot when you return to regular eating.


Works Great for Men AND Women

Ladies, don't think for a second this program isn't for you, too. I might talk about building massive muscle but your female genetics (and hormonal make-up!) won't allow for THAT kind of growth. Train hard to build muscle and all that'll happen is you'll look really, really HOT.

I've personally used this training program to
achieve physique results like THIS with my
ectomorph (naturally skinny) genetics...


And this muscle is NOT all "show" and no "go"...

These are the kind of weights I use regularly in training (not just maxing out)...

Deadlifts - 500 lb

Flat Dumbell Bench Press
125 lb Dumbells


Not trying to toot my own horn but I think it's CRITICAL that you know that the information you're getting is coming from someone who has BEEN where you've been and achieved what you WANT to achieve.

This is truly the kind of training program that can CHANGE the way you look at muscle-building FOREVER. I know once I unlocked the secret, I've never looked back. When I started training, I considered myself a "hardgainer"...now, I don't even BELIEVE in the word any more.

Want even MORE proof?

Hey Nick,

I've been using your Mad Scientist Muscle program for several cycles...I weigh around 77kg now, majority is muscle, not sure what body fat percentage I am but as you can see my abs are popping out so I’m happy.

The most important thing about your program was not just how it was laid out very well and easy to take in. It was more so that ANYTIME I had a question, I would ask you on facebook and you would get back to me with an answer or advice all the time. I had tried asking questions to other programs online but they would either sound like they don’t really care or not get back to me. And I asked A LOT of questions and got A LOT of advice and I appreciate it because that egged me on all the time to go harder.

Thanks for everything Nick, I would definitely rate you out there as the best due to your advice that you have given me without hesitation.

Thanks Again J

Chris Cuadros, 25, Sydney, Australia

Hey Nick,


Since I started training with your programs 4 months ago, I have gained 38 lbs and my strenth has skyrocketed, most notably my bench press - 300lb 1RM Barbell decline.

When I started in October I was 151lbs, I am now 189lbs. My biceps have gone from 12 3/4 inches in October to 15 1/8 inches as of yesterday.

I am ecstatic that the days of "Tiny Tim" are now over. Thank you for designing such a simple and effective program. When I started to strength training 4 years ago I wanted to be as strong as I could but really lacked direction and a good program to follow. I never imagined my strength reaching the levels I have reached through your program.

These past 4 months of training on your program have been a trip to say the least. I still have Cycle 3 and the Frankenstein program to do. I tried a couple of your in-set super sets on my "fun" workout day this past week. HOLY SH--!!

I start Cycle 3 Rest Pause Training tomorrow.

Thank you erasing the "tiny" from my name.



I finished the Mad Scientist Frankenstein program last week. It was actually quite fun.

  • I gained almost 4 kgs (9 lbs) in weight (mostly muscle), my family mention everyday that I am growing LOL

  • I did the squats for the CO portion (starting at 90 kgs) and was careful of form and did stretching during the 30 seconds rest periods. I had no lower back issues even squatting deep.

  • On the records day I did a PR of 142.5kg (313 lbs) squat...previous record was 122.5 (270 lbs).

It was amazing, I just kept adding the small plates and cranking out a good deep squat. If I had planned the weight a bit better I might have gotten a bit heavier circumventing fatigue.

Thanks again for your guidance.

Eric E.

I am finishing up the first cycle of the Mad Scientist Program. My lifts have gone up quite a lot. +50 lbs for deadlift & squat, +25 lbs for military press, +20 for bench.

During the first week of low-rep strength training portion, I was fairly stunned to be using my former 1 rep maxes as warmup sets for the deadlift and squat.

I'd definitely recommend the program. It's tough but it works.

Keven Kerkam

Nick - First, I wanted to say thank you. I've been using your Mad Scientist Muscle program, and I am currently in the 8th and final week of Cycle 3.

This has been, hands down, the best program I have done to date. You helped me reach some goals along the way, like busting past the 400lb marks for squat and deadlift! Thanks for a rock solid plan, that was easy to put into effect.

Wes Bonin

Hi Nick,

Just started your Mad Scientist Muscle program, WOW!! End of the third day, a rest day, I had muscles popping all over, it's NEVER happened like that before. I rushed out of the bathroom and scared my wife, she said and I quote 'do you really want to get bigger'. No kidding!

That said I'm not huge by any measure, but I have been weight training (super sets and hard out cardio) for about 3 months prior to starting your program this week. I wanted to change my body and it looks like this program has the goods!!

Cheers Nick

Nathan Jung

Hi Nick,

Firstly let me say thank you for the program, its been an incredibley effective program.

The worksout are intense but you can feel them working daily so you dont mind the aches and pains. I have been very impressed with the 1st cycle and am now on week 2 of the 2nd cycle. I gained around 8 lbs of lean muscle during cycle 1 and am now hitting the scales at 17 stone 3 (240 lbs) and can still see some Ab definition which is always nice!!

Thanks again.
Rhodri Foote (UK)


So I'm Going To Make it a TOTAL NO-BRAINER
For You To Pick Up This Program...


You've Got ME As Your Trainer

I'm here to SUPPORT you (and kick you in the butt, if you need it). I'm always available to answer your questions...heck, sometimes you'll get a reply literally within MINUTES. I know these programs, inside and out and I know exactly what you need to do to get the best results out of them.

2. Online Video Demos

I've put together a HUGE online video library containing more than 200 exercise and training technique demonstrations so you can SEE exactly what you'll be doing every step of the way.


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The training concept of Accumulation and Intensification is an accepted scientific FACT...it's used every single day by top coaches and trainers around the world because it WORKS and works RELIABLY. High-level coaches training million-dollar athletes don't leave ANYTHING to chance.

Your body is just naturally programmed to respond to this type of loading and unloading. We're working WITH nature, not against it and in a meticulously PLANNED fashion, not a randomized collection of parts.

From a "gut" perspective (and probably from your experience with other programs!), you know this type of approach just makes SENSE.

When you pick up this program, you're going to get a gym-tested, proven SYSTEM that's going to walk you through everything you need to know to maximize your muscle and strength gains.

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Every single workout you do is an opportunity to improve yourself...whether it be strength, muscle mass or fat-loss.

And every single workout done with ineffective or haphazard training is a BLOWN opportunity.

So if you're happy with the training you're doing right now, by all means, keep doing it...

And if your training is delivering you continuous plateau-free gains in muscle and strength, definitely keep doing it...

But if it's NOT giving you the results you want and you're looking for something more...something that will DELIVER the results you want...NOW is the time to jump on this.

But What If It Doesn't Work For Me?


So that's pretty much the deal!

And I'll tell you right now, this program is NOT for everyone. It's a tough, challenging program that will push you to your limits.

However...(and this is the cool part)...if you want fast results and you're willing to work for them, this program is EXACTLY what you've been searching for.

Yours very truly,

Nick Nilsson
Author of Mad Scientist Muscle

$99.95 $69.95 $29.95

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Still Got Questions? I've Got Answers...

Q. What about supplements? Do I have to blow half my paycheck at the vitamin store to make this program work?


In fact, I recommend AGAINST using a bunch of unproven, hyped-up supplements guaranteed to get you nothing but a hole in your wallet.

Don't get me wrong, I DO recommend taking supplements to maximize the effects of this already-powerful program. The supplements I recommend are there to SUPPORT your training and nutrition...NOT TO TAKE OVER and drive your progress. NO supplement will do THAT.

I will explain how to use straightforward supplements (like protein, creatine, glutamine, etc.) to work strategically with the program to maximize the results you can get from them.

Q. How about training equipment? Do I need to have a gym full of equipment to work this program?

That's one of the nice things about this program. You DON'T need access to a giant gym full of equipment. What you DO need is basic weight equipment like dumbells, barbells, a bench and (ideally) a power rack. You can certainly do it without a rack, but it will be easier to do some of the training with a rack.

You'll stick to heavy, basic exercises with simple equipment with this program. It's HOW you do the exercises and put it all together (and the guts that you put into your training) that gets you the results.

If you've got basic equipment and the will to push yourself, you have enough to get GREAT results with this program.

Q. Is this program okay for beginners or is it only for intermediate to advanced trainers?

While this is not a program for TOTAL beginners, it's actually very good program for helping beginners transition from the early stages of training into the next phase of "intermediateness"...because once the easy results start to dry up, the beginning trainer NEEDS a strategic plan to keep the results coming.

I would say it would be best to have at least 3 months of solid training experience behind you before working with this program.

I won't lie to you...it is a TOUGH program but if you're willing to work at it, the results will AMAZE you. And the harder you work at it and the more you put into it, the better your results will be!


Click here to get your copy now...

Q. I'm an advanced trainer but I've hit a plateau in muscle growth. Will this program help me get past it?

ABSOLUTELY. In fact, when I originally designed this program, that was my primary goal...to help more experienced trainers blow through muscle-growth plateaus using highly-targeted combinations of training and nutrition.

And as an advanced trainer, you will actually have an advantage with this program. You'll be able to push yourself harder and take better advantage of the training techniques found within the program.

Normally, it's a case of diminishing returns as you become more advanced...gains are "supposed to" come slower, not FASTER. Let me tell you...that ain't what happens with THIS program!

Q. Is this program only for hardgainers? I'm not a hardgainer and I want to add some SERIOUS mass and strength.

Not at all. Hardgainers will definitely get a LOT out of this program but it will work EXTREMELY well for people who are already well-muscled and want to take things to the next level of mass and strength.

This is a strategic PLAN that works for just about everybody (there are always rare exceptions to the rule, but it IS rare that this type of system doesn't do the trick).

Q. I'm 16 years old. Is this program okay for me?

Absolutely. This program will help you build a POWERFUL base and set the stage for YEARS of productive muscle and strength-building.

Q. I'm 65 years old. Am I too old to do this program? Can I still build significant mass and strength?

The ONLY hesitation I would have with recommending this program to you would not be based specifically on your age but on current conditioning.

If you're training around injuries and your joints aren't what they used to be, you could certainly still do the program - you would just need to be aware of how your body responds to and recovers from the training.

Bottom line...as we get older, recovery is slower. By adjusting the program as you need to (e.g. adding in additional rest days), you could perform this program just fine.

AND you can DEFINITELY still build significant muscle mass and strength. Granted, it may be less than when you were younger due to a variety of factors, but the potential is very much still there.

Q. What happens if I get the program and read through it and find it's not something I feel I can do? Can I return the program?

You bet. I want to take ALL the risk out it for you.

If you get it and read through it and find it's not for you. No problem. You'll get back every penny - no hard feelings, no questions asked.

And this offer is good for a FULL TWO MONTHS.

$99.95 $69.95 $29.95

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NOTE: Mad Scientist Muscle is a downloadable program. You will receive electronic files. No physical products will be shipped to your home. After you order, you will get INSTANT ACCESS to download all the components onto your computer.